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Guide to Design Online 

Delivering Interior Design Product

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Traditional Interior Design Service   vs   Online Interior Design Service


 Products chosen by designer for your style and budget to fit your room.

Step 1 - Fill out Questionnaire

Step 2 - Choose Services

Step 3 - Begin Design Process with Professional Designer


Traditional  Interior Design Service:  The designer meets you in your home or commercial space...which is being considered for renovation or update.  Designer consults with you regarding your needs, space requirements, color strategy and budget.  All of the legwork on all elements of master plan is implemented and completed by designer until product is placed in home or office and project is complete.  This design process and lead time is usually 12 to 24 weeks depending on product availability or back order considerations.

Online Interior Design Service:   You benefit from using an online professional interior designer. Cut your budget in 1/2. Products are choosen from the designer's long list of companies. Immediate delivery on in-stock products.

 Delivery  Available  Nationwide


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