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                 Formal Dining Room,  Howard Lake, MN 

Custom Room Layout



Products placed in layout are current designs!    


Custom Room Layout

The Master Plan 

Properly fitting your furnishings to your space = no surprises + esthetically pleasing effect!

For a design professional, placing furniture in a room is quick & easy!  For a person who doesn't work with furniture placement every can be a very scary process.   Let your designer choose the furniture, place it in the room layout and send it off for you to view before ordering the pieces to complete the room design.  You can order 1 piece or complete the room within a scheduled time frame.  

We can select product for Modern, Contemporary, Traditional or Eclectic interiors!

Quick             Easy          Affordable

Owner's Suite

(Custom Rendering by



Creating a computer aided design & configuring the pieces..

Measurements Needed from CLIENT

-Room Measurement with door & window openings, fireplace dimensions & integral architectureal  elements.

-Furniture Sizes (if you are using existing furniture) including Width x Length x Depth x Height  

-Rug Size:   Width x Length  (only if you are using existing rug) 

        -Window Coverings & Shades:  Width  x Length  (including woodwork trim, inside or outside mount)

Photos Needed from CLIENT

-Room space and architecture (fireplace, columns, arches, molding)

-Existing furniture, if applicable 

-Windows, if applicable

Using existing furniture & rug...or purchasing new furniture & rug? 

-If using existing furnishings, Custom Interiors OnLine will  place your items in the proper place.

-If using new furnishings,  Custom Interiors OnLine will choose correct sizes for your style  & budget.